torsdag den 23. april 2015

Designs for Irma Supermarket's web magazine "Krydderiet"

It's been many months since we pitched these designs for a digital version of Irma Supermarket's customer magazine "Krydderiet" and since we've heard nothing, I'm releasing the conceptual designs on my own site. You can see them here.

The magazine itself has been redesigned since, it was actually going though a facelift at the time I designed the site, and we all knew my designs would need an adjustment to fit the new logo and typography, but it wasn't an issue.

I'm really proud of the design, and really dissapointed that the client has chosen to carry on their current implementation, which does little to occupy the reader and integrates badly as both a web site and a magazine, the 2 medias miles apart in both look and feel. Well you can't win them all :)

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